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  • 12/31/12
  • santyman

To all my brethren faithful of the Green and Gold, where ever you are, from Coast to Coast and everywhere in between, may 2013 turn out to be even better than 2012, not only for baseball, but in everything else! All the happiness, health and prosperity in the upcoming New Year.

And by the way .... GO A's !!!

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  • 1/1/13
  • hvlniners
This! THANKS, santyman.
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  • 1/1/13
  • glusv
Ditto, Happy New Year.
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  • 1/1/13
  • flaminpen
Thank you for your wishes to us all, the same to you and yours...and YES GO A's!
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  • 1/2/13
  • rushhead
Happy New Year! This is the A's season to go all the way!
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