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    • Silicon Valley Teams with World Car Manufacturers
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  • 12/31/12
  • glusv

Article from todays San Jose Mercury, Big Auto companies are setting up R & D Headquarters in Silicon Valley some quotes:
"Today, every major car manufacturer has followed BMW in setting up their own research-and-development offices in the heart of Silicon Valley to soak up ideas and partner with big and small tech companies to develop innovations that will make driving safer or just more fun.
In March, Ford Motor became the latest carmaker to open its Silicon Valley research office -- in Palo Alto. But Dirk Rossberg, a German who runs the BMW Group Technology Office USA, is quick to point out that BMW started it all.
"Daimler is here. Honda is here, Toyota is here, Nissan, Peugeot, GM Ford--all the companies."
LInk: http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_22264714/ways-make-driving-easier-safer-born-at-bmw

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  • 1/3/13
  • phxmuni

Well, gollll-eeey Sargent Carter!


Maybe we ought to all move there too!

Why is this a thread?

Listen Gomer, it's the Oakland A's here.

We have invited 408s to attend games, they don't, mostly. Their loss, I'd say.

Some of us are not interested in Silicon Valley threads.

I believe there are specific web sites for that.

Currently, this is an Oakland site. For five more years, at least.

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  • 1/3/13
  • glusv
Caught one!!
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