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    • Swisher's Cleveland Deal
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  • 12/23/12
  • BeaneBall


If we had ownership willing to throw money around, I still think it would be a mistake to pay Swisher that kind of money. $14M/yr. for 4 years?

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  • 12/24/12
  • cufc

Beane: I was surprised, he was a young as he is... Only 33

14 million is a lot of money... This stinks of a buy leadership and the intangibles that a "given type" of player supposedly brings to ball club deal...

Colonel Klink would say, Very interesting.. But, Stupid!!! I'm with you and the Colonel on this one..

Mark Reynolds and Swisher sandwiching a "had an off year" Santana... Look for a bunch of shut down innings out of this group...

But ya never know though.. Good luck Tribe and Chief Nock-a-homa...

What are they saying around the wigwam on the Cleveland MB???

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  • 12/24/12
  • cufc

Beane: Wow!!! What a difference it is looking on in an Eastern MLB MB.... 1000 or more views, are the norm on threads... The west is a baseball fan desert compared to the east where MLB fandom thrives...

They are filled with hope, like we are about the A's (Hot Stove Season is Awesome!!!)...

There seems to be a mix of thinking on the Swisher deal... You always have, the knee-jerk mindless fans everywhere - the ones whose loyalty supersedes their thought process -(assuming they have one beyond eating and producing waste)...

Again, Go Tribe!!!

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  • 12/27/12
  • catfish71
The west is a baseball fan desert? Tell that to the 3 million fans each who attended Giants, Dodgers and Halos' games last year.
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