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    • Should Oakland Let The A's Sign A Short Lease
  • To:All
  • 12/22/12
  • cufc

I say, no.... Shame on the A's for trying to stick up the city and county..

Sign a 10 years lease or hit the road Jack and don't come back, should be the Oakland and Alameda Co. approach... If the A's say no - then look sell the land or tear it down and make it a public park with plenty of big field sport sites or a bit of both.. With Soccer, Baseball you name it fields - Sports by and for people...

The current A's ownership has snubbed the city - who has tried to work with them in building a stadium here...

The A's ownership publicly has stated it wants to move to San Jose... I think Oakland should say, "Go for it A's, thanks for the memories and get the heck out now..

Time for the city and county to move on... The place paid for itself once over and more...

The Warriors are leaving... Looks like the Raiders are too ... Throw the A's out with them and good riddance..

Public monies spent on Pro Sports are a cancer on municipalities... Time for the ESPN types with their embarrassingly stupid jiggles and their phony patriotic hyperbole to pay for things themselves...

Oakland owes the A's nothing now!!!

Hey, I like the Oakland A's - Love'm really... But, I believe in tough love.. If the A's think they are too good for Oakland - (my always will be home town) - then I say, "there's the door and don't let it hit you in the behind on the way out"...

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  • To:All
  • 12/22/12
  • cufc

The A's current lease ends at the end of the year...

The A's owner owns the EQs.... Betcha, he would block any attemps for the Coloseum to get an MLS tenant too...

Put the hammer to them Oakland!!!

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  • 12/22/12
  • cufc

Ang: So be it.... It will be worth it just to watch Wolff squirm and he will..

You've got it all wrong.... He really has nowhere to go in the short term... If he does go - let it be far away... And he won't be back soon...

For me, San Jose is the far side of the moon - as it is for many many A's fans... If he is a fool enough to think, the bulk of the fans follow him and his team there - he is living a pipedream... For those on here, who argue there will be new fans there - so be it... They are on the far side of the moon - you see

I think, Oakland should call his bluff with a hard all in bet... We win either way...

You are letting this pig scare you...

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  • To:All
  • 12/22/12
  • cufc

And Oakland should thumb their noses at Selig too... Make Selig make the decision... Maybe, Selig will find Wolffie a new city to screw... Just not Oakland again!!!

MLB don't tread on me!!!

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  • To:All
  • 12/22/12
  • cufc

If San Jose wants the team so bad let them have them... San Jose should just send Oakland $$50 million or there abouts to cover their interests and Oakland's too...

My concerns are for Oakland... Oakland should not be a patsy for San Jose for free..

Screw San Jose!!!

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