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    • Harden Resurfaces
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  • 12/22/12
  • BeaneBall

LOL! That was fairly sarcastic! :-) Not a Harden fan, eh?

He is a very frustrating guy to have on your team. When first up with the A's, the guy was lights out. Looked like he would win 20 games a season for years to come. Then his arm kept falling off. Surprising he ended up being so fragile. The guy is Canadian. He played a lot of hockey as a kid. Hockey players aren't supposed to be fragile, right?

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  • 12/22/12
  • cufc
Good for him... And good luck.... Think the A's and him were finished
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  • 12/22/12
  • BeaneBall

"I hope you are not....but that sounded a little prejudice against Canadians."

Not at all. That didn't come out the way I intended. On the contrary, I'm amazed at how durable Canadians and hockey players in general are, considering the brutality of the sport.

I've watched players get their heads split open, go to the dressing room, get stitched up and return to the ice within 20 minutes, maybe missing one shift. MLB players sustaining an injury like that would be on the 15-day DL, minimum. Aaron Rowand comes to mind.

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  • 12/22/12
  • flaminpen
And they say football is brutal? Hockey pucks travel well in excess of 130 mph, especially if you're 20 feet away from the shooter, I have had my helmet split nearly in half from one such shot. Just like a line drive at a pitcher who is defenseless in the throes of his follow-through.
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  • 12/22/12
  • BeaneBall
Yeah, and getting crushed by a hockey player coming at you at 30 MPH probably isn't a lot of fun, either :-)
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  • 12/22/12
  • LongBeach_Jake
Maybe he was half French Canadian
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  • 12/22/12
  • BeaneBall

"Maybe he was half French Canadian"

LOL! Now YOU'RE going to be in trouble :-) I'm sure the PC Police are watching.

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  • 12/23/12
  • rushhead

I'm one of the biggest Rush fans on the planet! Too bad Harden didn't get signed by Geddy Lee's Blue Jays!

The Jays are going to be solid next year! I am sure Geddy will be stoked!

As for Harden well the Twinkies took a chance on him. That chance will FAIL!

Finally the Twinkies STINK!!

Too bad the A's don't have Target Field!

Edited 12/23/12   by  rushhead
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