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    • Naming of Japanese Baseball Teams
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  • 12/18/12
  • BeaneBall

With the signing of Nakajima, I checked out his Japanese team and discovered that it is named for the company that owns it, i.e.: Seibu Railways. Several other teams there are named for their ownership, including:

Hanshin Tigers: Hanshin Electric Railway Company

Nippon Ham Fighters: Nippon Ham (food processing company)

I guess if that were the case in MLB, we would be the GAP Athletics or maybe the Fairmont Athletics. Also, the Tigers would be the Little Caesars Tigers.

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  • 12/18/12
  • poostu
Too bad we couldn't be the Men's Warehouse or Save Mart A's.
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  • 12/18/12
  • tenace18

Yet, something else we A's fans can "thank" Bud Selig for. That ownership group would have already built a new stadium and a championship team to play in it - "I guarantee it"!

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  • 12/18/12
  • BeaneBall
If we couldn't get Mark Cuban as an owner, I'd settle for George Zimmer. Actually, he be much better. He has local ties and has a strong interest in the East Bay.
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