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    • Nakajiima - Win Win Situation
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  • 12/18/12
  • glusv
How can we lose with this deal? How many times last season on this forum was it posted if only Pennington could hit just .250? Pennington was flirting with the Mendoza line a good part of last season, and defensively he has to be an improvement. This move really improves the A's.
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  • 12/18/12
  • Asfanlouky

No doubt about it! Drew had his chance & what did he hit for us? It was ugly. Give Nakajima the everyday shortstop job & keep green/Rosales as your utility guys. I'd project an avg around .280, 10+ hrs, with an ops around .800 or so. Solid numbers for a shortstop. He will def be an upgrade offensively over anything we've had since Miggy T imo. Defense is the only concern for me.


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  • 12/18/12
  • glusv
Pennington was below the league average for his position five years total, we have a vast improvement defensively and offensively. Ray Fosse not withstanding with the talk about Penningtons "great arm", Nakajiima is definitely an upgrade.
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  • 12/18/12
  • BeaneBall

"Defense is the only concern for me."


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  • 12/20/12
  • rushhead


Nakajima is my "HERO" and he hasn't even played a game yet in the green and gold!

The A's are going to kick A S S NEXT YEAR!! I CAN'T FRIG GING WAIT!


I was a HUGE supporter for Drew and now I don't even care about him. The Red Suxxx gave him 9.5 million? That is insane! A guy with a bad wheel and who hit .227 last year.

Nakajima blows him away!!!! I don't care if Nakajima's numbers are in Japanese Leagues and World Classic.

Nakjima Rules!!!!

Just ask the Yankees! They gave him 2 million dollars last year just to try and get a deal made and they FAILED!!

Nakajima would rather play for the A's than the Yankees! He wants to have fun and win while doing the Bernie Lean!

The A's are FUN and will win! The Yankees are old, tired and will keep LOSING!

It's a WIN WIN WIN Situation!

We all win! Just think about all the seats that will be filled by Japanese baseball fans! They will come out of the woodwork! Lew will make another killing next year!


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  • 12/20/12
  • rushhead



Fans and the media are so worried about his defense. Give me a break.



My Faith was gone for a few years as my past posts on here have portrayed.

The past is the past.


The A's are back and Billy knows it!

Even though we have the Warriors I am going to be totally bored until Spring Training!!

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  • 12/20/12
  • cufc

In Pennys defence, he played great after the move to 2nd and was a factor in our stretch drive...

I think, he will do well in Arizona and hope he does..

Nakajima is an upgrade on paper... We will see - won't we???..

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  • 12/20/12
  • rushhead

Indeed! We shall see!

Never cared for Penny but I wish him well!

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