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    • We grab Hiroyuki
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  • 12/17/12
  • GreenElephant


Any reports on how good this guy is? Are we ever going to use Grant Green?

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  • 12/17/12
  • dnrapp
MLB tonight also just reported the signing. It looks like the A's don't think Green is a Shortstop
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  • 12/17/12
  • yourdaddy1
Grant Green will have to take on the role of Utility if he wants to stick. I think he will be an offensive upgrade over Sogard and Rosales. It just depends if he can be Adequate defensively.
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  • 12/17/12
  • catfish71

Babe Ruth, despite being dead for over 60 years, would be upgrade offensively over Sogard.

Let's hope our latest Japanese addition performs more like Ichiro did when he arrived in the US.

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  • 12/17/12
  • glusv

"Babe Ruth, despite being dead for over 60 years, would be upgrade offensively over Sogard."

LOLOL, you are in fine form this holiday season, your comment just earned you another shot of my 18 year old Highland Single Malt Glenlivet.:):)

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  • 12/17/12
  • cufc
Good Job A's
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  • 12/18/12
  • Asfanlouky

Nice looking hitter. Quick bat, opposite field pop, good range, & good power for a middle infielder. Not really a slasher like so many other Asian imports seem to be. Kinda reminds me of A-Rod with his hitting style. Consistent defense may be his biggest question mark imo. Sure looks like an improvement over what we've had recently but we will know more in June!


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  • 12/18/12
  • rushhead

This guy is a slasher dude.

He will crush the baseball. Even in Oakland. I can't wait for April.


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  • 12/18/12
  • cufc

AsFan.... I don't think, we know what we have until deep into the 2nd half of the season.... Look Aoki of the Brewers... It took Aoki half a season to get adjusted... When he did he finally took off in August and September - playing some of the best ball in MLB....

Nakajima may be anything from a stud off the line to a total bust all year... He is a wild card... A wild card, I'm glad we have... I've been talking him up since early this fall on this MB before he made even the news and tout sheets.... Yet, I do hold some reserved expectations regarding his initial success in MLB.. His throwing is supposed have been erratic in Japan in the past ... He is super athletic though and has supposed to have conquered the worst of his errant throwing... Sounded like a decision making problem...

Would like to see the A's go after another SS for insurance for ST --- We were talking about Bartlett, he may just the guy for the A's.... Nakajima plays 3rd base as well... I could see a cheap (healthy???)Bartlett at SS and Nakajima at 3rd

That said, is Rosales ready to breakout???? He may be back after his 2010 hurt... He might surprise us all this season in a good way...

I do think Green should and will spend a bunch time at SS in ST... The term utility is a misnomer often applied for players breaking in.... He most likely eventually find a permanate spot if he is not traded... at 2nd or SS or 3rd or OF - where he spends the bulk of his time based on team need.... Unless he turns out to be a Zobrist - wouldn't that be nice...

My bottom line is - I feel a lot better about the A's this morning than I did yesterday morning.. We are starting to look like a complete and competitive ball club now... We have really good depth everywhere - except at catcher and 3rd baseman (Nakajima????)

Edited 12/18/12   by  cufc
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