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    • Rush---Rock and Roll HOF!
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  • 12/11/12
  • catfish71

I saw this article and realized it will make our resident Rushhead extremely happy. Geddy, Neil and Alex are Hall members!


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  • 12/12/12
  • rushhead

Thanks Catfish! I am totally pumped! The good news is that the induction will take place in Los Angeles! Not Cleveland! I must go!!! Tickets go on sale January 25th! Induction is on April 18th!
I wouldn't mind seeing Heart play a few songs as well!! The Wilson sisters deserve to get in too!

Public Enemy? Perhaps Rush will play "Roll The Bones" at the induction and Chuck D can do the rap part! LOL!



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  • 12/12/12
  • rudirules
Rush does rule just as much as Rudi, but the RNR HOF is a joke. Public Enemy? Donna Summer? That's like putting Jerry Rice and Wayne Gretsky in the baseball HOF. Meanwhile there are plenty of worthy ROCK bands that are left out. Rush should have been in a decade ago.
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  • 12/12/12
  • rushhead

I totally agree. The RRHOF is a complete joke! Rolling Stone Magazine owns the RRHOF and they have never cared for Rush at all! They have never graced the cover of a Rolling Stone Magazine. I will never understand it however it's about time the boys are in the Hall! Well overdue.

Yeah Donna Summer should be inducted into the Soul R&B Disco HOF! Public Enemy should be inducted into the Rap Hip Hop Hall Of Fame!!



Rush opened up for Kiss about 100 times back in the early Seventies! W T F?

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  • 12/13/12
  • diceydog99
The RRHOF lost me when it inducted the Bee Gees.
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  • 12/17/12
  • rushhead

Now Donna Summer!

I didn't know this was the Disco Rap Hip Hop Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!

Is Buddy Holly in the Hall?

Randy Newman isn't rock and roll either!

He has managed to make 100 songs sound the same!

Is AC/DC in the Hall?

RIP Bon Scott

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  • 12/18/12
  • rushhead



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  • 12/26/12
  • flaminpen
A decade ago Rush would have been around 20? He just had a B-day. If he is elected he will be the youngest ever!
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