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    • If you ignore the future...
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  • 1/9/04
  • windber
...it will pass you by. Only high market teams like the Yankees can get by without cultivatiing a farm system: they've got BIG, BIG buck$. Teams like ours must look to the future by trading for good prospects often. Unfortunately, we have had some really bad luck with our first round picks in the last few years. I still am stunned that we chose Joe Sauders over Scott Kazmir...unbelievable! This was bad judgment on Donny Rowlands. Kazmir is tearing up the minors and Saunders may never take the mound for us because of a bad shoulder. Chris Bootcheck was another terrible choice and as for Joe Torres...fuggetaboutit!
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  • 1/9/04
  • angelsneverdie15
and you point is..........are you suggesting we travel back in time and change the past. why are you arguing with the inevitable, no one can predict the future that we were going to sign colon and escobar and load up our pitching, at that time we were desperate for pitching.
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  • 1/9/04
  • windber
No, not travel in the past but learn by the past. When a pitcher like Scott Kazmir is available when our pick comes uo DO NOT PASS IT UP. The Mets owe us big time for that one.
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  • 1/9/04
  • jesuslvsu
kazmir was a high school prospect. joe saunders was a polished college pitcher. i would draft the college guy any day of a week ESPECIALLY IF HE IS A PITCHER. high school pitchers ALMOST NEVER make the pros , but the few who do are usually GREAT. in other words high school pitchers are high risk/high reward. i'll take the low risk gamble any day. saunders has a chance to be a good pitcher, just let him get healthy and move through the minors and we'll see! actually i'd be willing to bet that when and if both make the majors , saunders will have the better career!
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