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    • Francona rips Red Sox in book
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  • 1/15/13
  • CalifCajun

Maybe the ownership paid Lackey to drink in the dugout. Wonder what Ted Williams and Yastrzemski would have thought of this:


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  • 1/15/13
  • Octops
Well I guess they have done a 180. Victorino, Dempster, Uehara, Ross (we'll see about Napoli) don't register on the "sexy" meter, whatever "sexy" really means - I assume our recent major acquisitions are considered "sexy".

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  • 1/15/13
  • 1gameatatime

"Baseball is my life" Terry Francona

I think Ted Williams would have agreed with him on that.

They both loved the game, to bad onwership doesn't.

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  • 1/15/13
  • Angeleer

"The books stated the marketing report said: ''(W)omen are definitely more drawn to the `soap opera' and `reality-TV' aspects of the game ... They are interested in good-looking stars and sex symbols'' - a reference to All-Star second baseman Dustin Pedroia."

This is hilarious! Pedroia is about as sexy as Alberto Callaspo.

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  • 1/15/13
  • cuidado1

Uh, havent you seen how popular the unshaven Hollywood look is with younger women, these days?

I mean, go figure. But it exists.

So, Francona rips the Red Sox in his book, eh? DUH!! You think a puff piece would sell??????

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  • 1/16/13
  • artethesmarte

I like what Billy Beane says in "Moneyball" re. "fit" players:

"We're not selling jeans here." Apparently, the BoSox owners want to sell jeans.

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