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    • Bourjos hip surgery?
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  • 1/14/13
  • game_face

A year ago Alden Gonzalez wrote that Bourjos had problems in his hip and that it needed likely surgery to as Peter said "clean it up".

Is it a coincidence that Bourjos could not hit a lick all last year? And that he seriously backslid from his previous season?

And is it a simple coincidence that other organizations' GMs are ramping way back in their enthusiasm for trying to trade for him?

All things being equal shouldn't Bourjos have had that needed surgery this off-season?

Did the Halos management drop the ball on this?

We need a completely healthy Peter Bourjos. Not an injured or partially injured player, in a crucial skill position.

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  • 1/14/13
  • CalifCajun
He said on Angel Talk last week that the doctor advised rehab instead because there are no guarantees if he has to operate.
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  • 1/14/13
  • game_face
Many thanks for the update CC.
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