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    • Taking the kids to a game!
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  • 1/11/13
  • grizzguy
We're taking the kids to Disney this summer. I thought since we have no MLB in Montana it would be a good chance to to take my boy and dad to a game. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get tickets and where to sit? We would like good seats and could spend 70-100 per seat. I would really appreciate any info. We can't wait to check out your stadium. Thanks!
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  • 1/11/13
  • buffalo44
First try the tickets on this site to locate where you would like to sit and how much they cost. Then try to get tickets by stub hub or any internet site, you can also call 714 tickets.
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  • 1/12/13
  • holydirtbag
Stubhub gives you pictures of the view from every section in the stadium. Prices will depend on which game you go to. Yankees game will cost a lot more than Indians game. Seats in the higher rows of the 100 sections behind the dugouts would be great seats likely in that price range. Or you could go Club level (300s) somewhere between first base and third base. Club level has smaller sections and you can order food from the seats.
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  • 1/15/13
  • grizzguy

Thanks for the replies.

I've been looking at a few sites with tickets for sale. Do the rows in the 100 sections start with row A being the lowest then work back through the alaphebet? I have also noticed a few that say something like section 109 field. Does that signify the first row? We will be going to the A's game on July 19th. Should I be in a rush to get tickets?

Thanks again

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  • 1/16/13
  • rdh1972

Keep in mind that the deal between StubHub and the Angels ended this year. Although people can still choose to sell tickets there, the season seat holders can no longer post tickets there directly from their Angels account. Unfortunately, since they are making a transition this year, whatever system they will have replacing that is not up yet.

I wouldn't expect a game against a division opponent to sell out, even on a Friday. You may want to buy fairly early, though, since you want premium seats. Before buying from a reseller, check to see what you can get from the box office. Usually the selection is quite good if you know what game you want and get online the day single tickets go on sale. Like a lot of teams, the Angels haven't actually announced when the tickets *will* go on sale... last year it was on March 3rd. Like most teams, they normally go on sale on a Saturday... but I've seen teams not even announce it until a week before. I'd check the official Angels site once a week.

In general, the rows start at A then work up... after Z comes AA and BB. On the field level I think it varies, though... they try to keep rows the same across each aisle and the spot where the seating starts can change from section to section. The Angels have started doing special pricing for the first row on the field... refer to the seating chart. When it says "109 field" that's just the section name... the 100s are referred to as "field" even if the actual seat is in the back row of the section. You'll also see "MVP", "All-Star", and "Box" for sections that are progressively farther away from home plate.

By the way, take a look at the Club level seats (300s). I don't recall offhand if they will be out of your price range, but they are just high up enough to actually give a better view of the game then when you're on the field. In addition they are luxury seats so they have more padding and include in-seat food service. (Oh... didn't notice at first that this was already mentioned... still the best spot to sit if you can afford the cost of the tickets.)

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  • 1/16/13
  • iemonkey

Friday July 19th

Id wait until the club slls individual games and buy thru them

If you are willing to spend 70-100 a seat.....You will be buying a very nice seat

and one that will not be sold out the first day they go on sale

If a SSH wants to sell below face, which he could because it would be above his cost, but below what you would pay from the club, then Id jump on it

But to pay face now......you can do that on your own in March...No Rush

and the Big Bang Friday fireworks show is nice to see as well

enjoy the trip to Cali

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