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    • Midseason Top 50 Prospects
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  • 7/5/12
  • bobrob2004

1. Dylan Bundy, rhp, Orioles
2. Jurickson Profar, ss, Rangers
3. Wil Myers, of, Royals
4. Taijuan Walker, rhp, Mariners
5. Danny Hultzen, lhp, Mariners
6. Gerrit Cole, rhp, Pirates
7. Tyler Skaggs, lhp, Diamondbacks
8. Jose Fernandez, rhp, Marlins
9. Manny Machado, ss, Orioles
10. Zack Wheeler, rhp, Mets
11. Mike Olt, 3b, Rangers
12. Nick Castellanos, 3B, Tigers
13. Matt Barnes, rhp, Red Sox
14. Francisco Lindor, ss, Indians
15. Jameson Taillon, rhp, Pirates
16. Archie Bradley, rhp, Diamondbacks
17. Nolan Arenado, 3b, Rockies
18. Oscar Taveras, of, Cardinals
19. Travis D'Arnaud, c, Blue Jays
20. Shelby Miller, rhp, Cardinals
21. Christian Yelich, of, Marlins
22. Miguel Sano, 3b, Twins
23. Jonathan Singleton, 1b, Astros
24. Julio Teheran, rhp, Braves
25. Javier Baez, ss, Cubs
26. Carlos Martinez, rhp, Cardinals
27. Billy Hamilton, ss, Reds
28. Mason Williams, of, Yankees
29. Jake Odorizzi, rhp, Royals
30. Gary Sanchez, c, Yankees
31. Xander Bogaerts, ss, Red Sox
32. Jackie Bradley, of, Red Sox
33. Matt Davidson, 3b, Diamondbacks
34. Matt Harvey, rhp, Mets
35. Nick Franklin, ss, Mariners
36. Starling Marte, cf, Pirates
37. Jake Marisnick, cf, Blue Jays
38. Anthony Gose, cf, Blue Jays
39. Tyler Austin, of, Yankees
40. Alen Hanson, ss, Pirates
41. Cody Buckel, rhp, Rangers
42. James Paxton, lhp, Mariners
43. Jean Segura, 2b/ss, Angels
44. Kolten Wong, 2b, Cardinals
45. George Springer, of, Astros
46. Bubba Starling, of, Royals
47. Hak-Ju Lee, ss, Rays
48. Tyler Thornburg, rhp, Brewers
49. Zach Lee, rhp, Dodgers
50. Jedd Gyorko, 3b, Padres
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  • 7/5/12
  • six-hopper
So apparently Jacob Turner isn't worth squat anymore.
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  • 7/5/12
  • rjones1974
surprise surprise...
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  • 7/5/12
  • Tigrrman

Nick Castellanos #12.

Too bad he plays 3b. Trade bait for sure! We have Cabby until forever!

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  • 7/5/12
  • ericg75
I doubt Castellanos goes anywhere, mainly because there aren't many hitting prospects in baseball better than he is. Castellanos is also an extremely mediocre 3B, so there shouldn't be too many worries about him being blocked. I think you'll see him start getting some playing time in the OF soon, and possibly be manning one of the OF corners as early as mid next year.
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  • 7/5/12
  • StenW17

It is surprising that a guy can go from 22 to outside of the top 50, all while not having a bad season between Triple-A and the majors. I haven't been blown away by Turner, but he hasn't done anything in 6 months to warrant that kind of demotion.

Just goes to show you how clueless the people who make these lists are, and also why they should be taken with a grain of salt.

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  • 7/5/12
  • TF84
I think his 4 BB per 9 has something to do with it. I'm still surprised he didn't make the list. But it's a blog so who cares.
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  • 7/5/12
  • StenW17

"I think his 4 BB per 9 has something to do with it."

Which they could argue, if someone like Taijun Walker (#4) didn't average 4 walks per 9 innings over the course of his minor league career.

If they're going off of numbers alone, there are plenty of players to pick apart on this list, many of whom are older, less experienced, and have been less impressive than Turner.

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  • 7/5/12
  • TF84
Turner is going to be good. Who cares what some blog writer says.
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  • To:All
  • 7/5/12
  • bobrob2004

While I believe that Baseball America is the king of prospects, it's still only one source. Here's another:


1) Jurickson Profar, SS, Texas Rangers (previously #5)
2) Wil Myers, OF, Kansas City Royals (previously #14)
3) Trevor Bauer, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks (previously #7)
4) Dylan Bundy, RHP, Baltimore Orioles (previously #19)
5) Taijuan Walker, RHP, Seattle Mariners (previously #15)
6) Gerrit Cole, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates (11)
7) Danny Hultzen, LHP, Seattle Mariners (25)
8) Manny Machado, SS, Baltimore Orioles (8)
9) Oscar Taveras, OF, St. Louis Cardinals (62)
10) Jameson Taillon, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates (16)

11) Xander Bogaerts, SS, Boston Red Sox (30)
12) Miguel Sano, 3B, Minnesota Twins (31)
13) Zack Wheeler, RHP, New York Mets (36)
14) Andrelton Simmons, SS, Atlanta Braves (76)
15) Billy Hamilton, SS, Cincinnati Reds (57)

16) Nick Franklin, SS, Seattle Mariners (63)
17) Drew Pomeranz, LHP, Colorado Rockies (21)
18) Travis D'Arnaud, C, Toronto Blue Jays (26)
19) Nick Castellanos, 3B, Detroit Tigers (59)
20) Tyler Skaggs, LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks (23)

21) Jacob Turner, RHP, Detroit Tigers (18)
22) Anthony Rizzo, 1B, Chicago Cubs (37)
23) Yasmani Grandal, C, San Diego Padres (42)
24) Carlos Martinez, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals (33)
25) Francisco Lindor, SS, Cleveland Indians (46)

26) Christian Yelich, OF, Miami Marlins (34)
27) Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Kansas City Royals (60)
28) Julio Teheran, RHP, Atlanta Braves (10)
29) Kolten Wong, 2B, St. Louis Cardinals (56)
30) Nolan Arenado, 3B, Colorado Rockies (13)

31) Gary Sanchez, C, New York Yankees (61)
32) Matt Harvey, RHP, New York Mets (35)
33) Archie Bradley, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks (24)
34) Anthony Rendon, 3B, Washington Nationals (20)
35) Shelby Miller, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals (6)

36) Jackie Bradley, OF, Boston Red Sox
37) Mason Williams, OF, New York Yankees (92)
38) Mike Olt, 3B, Texas Rangers (65)
39) Jose Fernandez, RHP, Miami Marlins (previously Honorable Mention)
40) Noah Syndergaard, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays (67)

41) Matt Barnes, RHP, Boston Red Sox (74)
42) Zach Lee, RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers (75)
43) Javier Baez, SS-3B, Chicago Cubs (109)
44) Bubba Starling, OF, Kansas City Royals (38)
45) Justin Nicolino, LHP, Toronto Blue Jays (68)

46) Eddie Rosario, 2B-OF, Minnesota Twins (90)
47) Jonathan Singleton, 1B, Houston Astros (47)
48) Taylor Guerrieri, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays (107)
49) Aaron Sanchez, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays
50) Jedd Gyorko, 3B, San Diego Padres (50)

51) Anthony Gose, OF, Toronto Blue Jays (51)
52) Rymer Liriano, OF, San Diego Padres (54)
53) George Springer, OF, Houston Astros (55)
54) Jesse Biddle, LHP, Philadelphia Phillies (71)
55) Brett Jackson, OF, Chicago Cubs (27)

56) Trevor May, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies (40)
57) James Paxton, LHP, Seattle Mariners (29)
58) Garrett Richards, RHP, Los Angeles Angels (96)
59) Ryan Lavarnway, C, Boston Red Sox up (97)
60) Trevor Story, SS, Colorado Rockies up some (99)

61) Daniel Corcino, RHP, Cincinnati Reds (120)
62) Derek Norris, C, Oakland Athletics (88)
63) Robert Stephenson, RHP, Cincinnati Reds (HM)
64) Oswaldo Arcia, OF, Minnesota Twins (91)
65) Brian Goodwin, OF, Washington Nationals (HM)

66) Luis Heredia, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates
67) Tyler Austin, OF, New York Yankees
68) Gary Brown, OF, San Francisco Giants (43)
69) Jake Marisnick, OF, Toronto Blue Jays (48)
70) Starling Marte, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates (64)

71) Daniel Norris, LHP, Toronto Blue Jays (70)
72) Leonys Martin, OF, Texas Rangers (116)
73) Josh Bell, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates (49)
74) Alex Meyer, RHP, Nationals (HM)
75) Rougned Odor, SS, Texas Rangers (HM)

76) Wilmer Flores, 3B, New York Mets (HM)
77) Alen Hanson, 2B, Pittsburgh Pirates
78) Jean Segura, INF, Los Angeles Angels (66)
79) Hak-Ju Lee, SS, Tampa Bay Rays (58)
80) Jarred Cosart, RHP, Houston Astros (108)

81) Chris Archer, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays
82) Manny Banuelos, LHP, New York Yankees (45)
83) Miles Head, 1B, Oakland Athletics
84) Cody Buckel, RHP, Texas Rangers (HM)
85) Martin Perez, LHP, Texas Rangers (83)

86) A.J. Cole, RHP, Oakland Athletics (52)
87) Michael Choice, OF, Oakland Athletics (53)
88) Tyrell Jenkins, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals (69)
89) Trevor Rosenthal, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals (HM)
90) Blake Swihart, C, Boston Red Sox

91) Brad Miller, SS, Seattle Mariners
92) Jonathan Schoop, SS, Baltimore Orioles (77)
93) Kaleb Cowart, 3B, Los Angeles Angels
94) Tony Cingrani, LHP, Cincinnati Reds
95) Jorge Bonifacio, OF, Kansas City Royals

96) Brandon Nimmo, OF, New York Mets (93)
97) Yordano Ventura, RHP, Kansas City Royals
98) Jeurys Familia, RHP, New York Mets (95)
99) Kyle Crick, RHP, San Francisco Giants
100) Matt Adams, 1B, St. Louis Cardinals (110)

101) Cheslor Cuth.bert, 3B, Kansas City Royals (39)
102) Robbie Erlin, LHP, San Diego Padres (79)
103) Joe Wieland, RHP, San Diego Padres (81)
104) Mikie Mahtook, OF, Tampa Bay Rays (94)
105) Brandon Jacobs, OF, Boston Red Sox (89)

106) Brad Peacock, RHP, Oakland Athletics (84)
107) Tyler Thornburg, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers (104)
108) Marcell Ozuna, OF, Miami Marlins (HM)
109) David Holmberg, LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
110) Austin Hedges, C, San Diego Padres

111) Victor Sanchez, RHP, Seattle Mariners
112) Adam Conley, LHP, Miami Marlins
113) Chris Owings, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks
114) Kyle Lotzkar, RHP, Cincinnati Reds
115) Chris Reed, LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers

116) J.R. Graham, RHP, Atlanta Braves
117) Wil Swanner, C, Colorado Rockies
118) C.J. Cron, 1B, Los Angeles Angels
119) Henry Owens, LHP, Boston Red Sox
120) Elier Hernandez, OF, Kansas City Royals

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  • 7/5/12
  • Tigrrman

Tigers only 2 of 120 in that list.

Seriously, the entire Tiger organization is messed up.

We could be in for mid-1990's and mid-2000's all over again in a few years.

But at least we got Fielder! Oh Boy!

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  • 7/5/12
  • ericg75

<<Tigers only 2 of 120 in that list.
Seriously, the entire Tiger organization is messed up. >>

Yet, you want to trade one of them.

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  • 7/5/12
  • ToledoFan

Well, we had a baren farm system and then only had about 4 years of the new management in place before we broke through and began thinking "win now". Acquiring those pieces to "win now" costs talent.

This is the price you pay to go all in. You bring up the talent you have and trade the rest to get complimentary pieces to build the teams.

Edited 7/5/12   by  ToledoFan
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  • 7/5/12
  • TF84
Yeah, two in the top 21. Since there are 30 teams that means each team should have 0.7 players. We have two. Almost triple the average. GREAT CALL!!!
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  • 7/5/12
  • TF84
Detroit is tied with TB for most top 5 ROTY finishers since 2006.
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  • 7/5/12
  • TigersFanATL

For a while seemed like Teheran for the Braves was the real deal. Starting to slip I am guessing. Bet he'll be the centerpiece of any deal for Greinke.

Hak Ju Lee is that high? Saw him in Huntsville when the Biscuits played them and he was very unimpressive.

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Message 70936.17 was deleted
  • 7/5/12
  • Tigrrman

By the time those 2 of the top 21 are established in the ML ..we will have lost Verlander and Cabrera to Free Agency.

But we will still have Fielder! Oh Boy!

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  • 7/5/12
  • ericg75
Turner is probably in the rotation next year. Castellanos is on the team in 2014, maybe as early as mid-2013.
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  • 7/5/12
  • bobrob2004
I wouldn't be surprised if Turner replaced Smyly in the rotation by August.
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