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    • Complete list of Yankee 20 game winners
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  • 9/19/10


Year Pitcher
1903 Jack Chesbro
1904 Jack Chesbro
1904 Jack Powell
1906 Jack Chesbro
1906 Al Orth
1910 Russ Ford
1916 Bob Shawkey
1919 Bob Shawkey
1920 Carl Mays
1920 Bob Shawkey
1921 Carl Mays
1922 Joe Bush
1922 Bob Shawkey
1923 Sad Sam Jones
1924 Herb Pennock
1926 Herb Pennock
1927 Waite Hoyt
1928 Waite Hoyt
1928 George Pipgras
1931 Lefty Gomez
1932 Lefty Gomez
1934 Lefty Gomez
1936 Red Ruffing
1937 Lefty Gomez
1937 Red Ruffing
1938 Red Ruffing
1939 Red Ruffing
1942 Ernie Bonham
1943 Spud Chandler
1946 Spud Chandler
1949 Vic Raschi
1950 Vic Raschi
1951 Ed Lopat
1951 Vic Raschi
1952 Allie Reynolds
1954 Bob Grim
1958 Bob Turley
1961 Whitey Ford
1962 Ralph Terry
1963 Whitey Ford
1963 Jim Bouton
1965 Mel Stottlemyre
1968 Mel Stottlemyre
1969 Mel Stottlemyre
1970 Fritz Peterson
1975 Catfish Hunter
1978 Ed Figueroa
1978 Ron Guidry
1979 Tommy John
1980 Tommy John
1983 Ron Guidry
1985 Ron Guidry
1996 Andy Pettitte
1998 David Cone
2001 Roger Clemens
2010 CC Sabathia

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  • 9/19/10

That would be 56 times by 34 different pitchers.

Welcome to the club CC.

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  • 9/19/10
i think Pettitte did it twice in his yankee career,
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  • 9/19/10
Aren't you forgetting MIKE MUSSINA
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  • 9/19/10
Why Everyone Is Forgetting Mike Mussina Come On People This Guy Is In That List 20 Wins
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  • 9/19/10

Yep, Andy did it in 1996 and 2003 (21-8). Mussina in 2008 (already mentioned).

This list is suspect.

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  • 9/19/10

Andy won 21 in 1996 and 2003, so that's twice.

Well, even if you did miss Mike Mussina and Andy's other one, it's still an interesting list.

There's something about the early days of baseball that always captures my imagination, I wish we had more footage of it. I'd never heard of "Sad Sam" Jones before, they just don't do nicknames like they used to.

Anyway I looked him up. If anyone else hasn't heard of him, this is why he was called Sad Sam:

"Bill McGeehan of the New York Herald-Tribune dubbed him Sad Sam because, to him, Jones looked downcast on the field. Jones told Lawrence Ritter that the reason he looked downcast was because, "I would always wear my cap down real low over my eyes. And the sportswriters were more used to fellows like Waite Hoyt, who'd always wear their caps way up so they wouldn't miss any pretty girls."

Jones' sharp-breaking curve also earned him the name Horsewhips Sam. Like most pitchers of his day, Jones relieved as well as started, and his eight saves in 1922 led the AL. He lost a league-high 21 in 1925 as the Yanks dropped to seventh. Waived from St. Louis to Washington in 1927, Jones rebounded to top the 1928 Senators' staff with a 17-7 record. His 15-7 finish in 1930 marked his last outstanding season."

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  • 9/19/10

Mike Mussina had never won twenty games until the last season of his MLB career. Too bad he didn't hang around to win his first WS with he Yankees last season.

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  • 9/20/10
Believe it or not, there was another Sad Sam Jones who pitched for a while in the National League in the 1950's.
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  • 9/20/10
I'm loosing patients with people who forgot Mussina.
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