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    • Astros wanted Detwiler in any Bourn Deal
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  • 8/2/11
  • dcwarrior8

According to our own Bill Ladson, the Astros cut off Bourn talks when Rizzo said no deal to any package that included Detwiler.

I've been a Rizzo defender, but this shift is ridiculous. Basically the Astros said that it had to be centered around Detwiler, and Rizzo said no? We have the likes of Peacock and Milone knocking on the door. We have Strasburg set to begin rehab. We even have Gorzy in the 'pen and Chien who will get a long look. A center fielder with all the tools Bourn has was seemingly all Rizzo could focus on since the team broke camp (at least on the trade market) and he wouldn't pull the trigger on a deal centered around Ross Detwiler?

All I can say is WOOOOOWWWWW!

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  • 8/2/11
  • dcwarrior8
Unless the hold-up was more than just Detwiler (like a Peacock, or Milone), then Rizzo is out of his mind. No excuses.
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  • 8/3/11
  • DaveBinMD

You don't become a contender/championship team by trading away your organization's young starting pitchers. Pitching wins championships.

Detwiler is the only power-pitching lefty in the organization who is anywhere near the Majors.

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