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  • 4/30/08
  • ortizin08
I got to sit in these seats last week when the Nats played the Mets. They are pretty close to the field and you have a direct view of the batters box. Have to admit these are great to watch the game from. It is easier from these seats to follow all the plays. Plus it was fun for BP and some players throw souvenirs into this section!
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  • 4/30/08
  • Angelossux

The outfield bleachers were our first choice in the beginning, but when we saw the prices we went for infield gallery. We are inside of 1st base there, but I'd like to catch a game or two from the left field bleachers or the porch."

I went just the opposite. For a number of reasons I am happy to now call the left field bullpen home. Though they are a bit over priced. But, I'm just a stupid fan who ponys up for over priced ballgame seats but who will beeech when a common staple, like beer, goes up a penny or two.

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