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    • Bruce Pearson passes away
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  • 1/17/13
  • Waygur
Former New York Mamoths Catcher, Bruce Pearson has passed away after a long illness. his battery mate Henry Wiggens praised him as "one of the finest men he'd ever known".
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  • 1/17/13
  • ToledoFan

Well almost everyone.

Take Brietbart for example.

*lights political fuse and runs*


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  • 1/17/13
  • tyger01


WOW, what a douch bag you are! It takes balls for someone to even say what you said.<!---->

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  • 1/18/13
  • Waygur
His back up catcher Piney Woods sang a beautiful rendition of 'Bang the Drum Slowly' at his funeral.
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