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    • Pineda Done For Season
  • 4/25/12
  • ToledoFan

This thread on the Mariners board struck me as amusing.

Yankee fans think they are so entitled.


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  • 4/25/12
  • lorenzovm

What's that dude talking about? Yankee team doctors checked the guy out and said he was fine. If he had a history of not taking care of himself and reporting out of shape, that is up to THEIR organization and specifically Cashman to do HIS job and figure that out.

It isn't up to Seattle to do the Yankees work for them. Typical Yankee fan, thinking everything should be handed to them just because their organization has the deepest pockets.

If they got screwed in the deal, Cashman screwed them by doing a half a**ed job, not Seattle.

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