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    • Thoughts on Sandy Alderson's run with the Padres?
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  • 9/10/11
  • nocedog
hi there, i'm just visiting to see if i can get thought on what kind of job Sandy Alderson did with the Padres. Any info is appreciated, thanks
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  • 9/10/11
  • stuck_in_nyc


i'm biased though and hate his guts.

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  • 9/10/11
  • caminito

Alderson does not get high marks here from most for several reasons

Not the least of which was his manner in interviews - he was extremely condescending towards the fans... I am not sure why he subjected himself to weekly radio interviews by the Padres radio broadcast station because he seemed to hate it and was seemingly sensitive to any criticism by the hosts or callers.. He often came across as an arrogant Harvard Lawyer - probably because that's what he is -

However it should be noted that he did accomplish a couple of things of note

He was able to get owner John Moores to loosen the purse-strings somewhat and increased the budget for signing draft picks... He also got the payroll up to $73M

He took Drafting responsibility away from Kevin Towers which was long overdue
Drafts improved in his time here, but he perpetuated the philosophy of going after signable players rather than the best player available and then putting a full court press on getting them signed... so he gets mixed reviews there

He played a big part in getting the WBC in San Diego which was appreciated by fans

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  • 9/10/11
  • wtylerw
Funny you left out those 3 postseasons in 5 years, granted one was only for 1 game.
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  • 9/10/11
  • caminito

What's funny is that 2005 division winner is the team that made me realize how much I hated the brand of baseball in petco.
That .500 team bored me to death and there was little if any doubt they would go nowhere in the post season

I don't dislike Anderson the baseball man but there were times I wanted to smash him in the mouth when he was on XX because of his attitude ... you know, the way you feel about Hoyer

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  • 9/10/11
  • wtylerw
Thats interesting you bring that up, as far as that stick was up aldersons a... I don't remember him trashing the team and the system the way hoyer has, but that could be one of those selective memory things.
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  • 9/10/11
  • summerteeth

He was pretty bad here. He stressed OBP to a fault and didn't value speed or stolen bases in a park where those type of things play big.

Here's how many Major league players his drafts produced

Nick Hundley (2nd round pick)
Chase Headley (2nd Round pick) both him and hundley have been solid productive players
Will Venable nothing but a fourth outfielder

David Freese (9th round pick)
Matt Leblanc (2nd round pick)
Matt Latos (11th round) another great pick

Corey Lubke (comp Pick) obviously a great pick here.
Brandon Gomes (good young reliever for the Rays now)

2008 is too early to judge although there are some intriguing guys like Jaff Decker and Darnell.

To miss on all your top picks is unacceptable and what business did they have drafting a guy like Leblanc in the 2nd round? why take such a low ceiling guy there? Alderson didn't value high upside guys or athletes and it shows.

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  • 9/10/11
  • OlmecsTemple
I remember a lot of people that i talked to at the time liked what SA did with the draft in the sense that he was making safe picks in order to help rebuild a system that was total garbage when he got it. I hated it. I could not see the logic in making sure that the system was full of guys who would not struggle in the minors and who could move up quickly. What it did was fill our system with a bunch of AAAA players like gere, huffman, antonelli, leblanc, all of which were very high picks. I told people that i would rather him go after high ceiling guys, and if we could get one or two of them through the system each year into the pros and be upton like athletes, we would be better served. It does this organization no good to have a solid group of players at each level of the minors if almost none of them project to make any kind of a difference at the level that it matters the most.
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  • 9/10/11
  • caminito

He talked about the lack of talent in the minors pretty often as I remember it and once made the comment that if the drafting of Matt Bush had not happened that he probably would have never been hired...

Moores said one reason he hired Alderson is because he wasn’t happy with the franchise’s farm system and its baseball academy in the Dominican Republic.

“There are opportunities that we missed,” Moores said.

I remember SA often repeating that theme on XX

In all honesty I reached a point I stopped listening to him on the radio because he pisssed me off about half the time with his snarky comments to or about callers...

Again, I am not a hater - I think he made a ton of stratetical errors - and he did some good things... but that's the nature of most front office people...

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  • 9/10/11
  • wtylerw
Yeah the drafting has been embarrassing. If hoyer can bring up some real position players he will have earned some respect. But that is not really his job, he is here to put together the big club and that doesn't appear to be his focus. He's been trading players since he was hired. I realize he is a big part of our drafting though, and this is his crew. I'm hoping we can find a real solid hitter this offseason.
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