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    • Duda and Parnell or Gee for a bat
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  • 12/20/12
  • KB24NYM
Needs to happen.
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  • 12/20/12
  • bucknerismyhero
Duda and Parnell for Fowler, move Kirk to RF to platoon with Cowgill, sign Delmon Young.
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  • 12/20/12
  • reinman43

Yes to Duda, yes to Parnell and keep Gee as a 5th starter, spot starter or long man out of the pen, but Duda and Parnell are dead weight.

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  • 12/20/12
  • bbjmparis

You couldn't get yesterdays newspaoer for Duda.

You might get today's newspaper for Parnell

Can't trade Gee. He's damaged goods. Besides. We have no starting pitching and need him.

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  • 12/20/12
  • metsreef
Itll take more than a terrible duda and relief pitcher for Fowler...try flores, fulmer for fowler
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  • 12/20/12
  • nvmets10
I wouldn't touch Fowler. Doesn't appear to be good defensively, hit quite a bit poorer away from Coors nearly every year of his career, and doesn't even steal many bases. We need to be able to do better.
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  • 12/20/12

Sandy said he was getting us a SP.

OF help too!~

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  • 12/20/12
  • skorpio520

depends on what kind of bat. louisville sluggers are nice but if it for a spalding i want a bag a balls along with it.

in all seriousness though. the kind of outfielder youd get with that package youd might aswell just sign a low level ,high cieling free agent.
duda-has shown nothing really.
gee-coming off a injury and surgery
parnell-the only player in this deal most likely to stick.

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