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    • So, we were told team will be improved through trades...
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  • 12/10/12
  • codeminion

since the team has no moner.

Where are these trades they speak of?

Also, we have some money to spend with Wrights contract saves some money in the early yrs and bays contract is deffered. Does the team plan on spending it or is it just gonna line the coupons pockets?

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  • 12/10/12
  • sheadro
Do you want a trade done fast or right? If we are looking to trade pitching (namely Dickey) this is the absolute correct way to handle it. We waited out the market, and now we at a place with Greinke and Shields off the board where we can control the market. Connecting the dots on the way this has been handled it seems as though the route we want to go. If we wanted to sign Dickey we would have closed that gap as his demands in this market are more than reasonable. We can't continue to sit on the bull pen market though. Time to get moving there because we are late to the party.
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  • 12/10/12
  • 86mex17
I hear you lets be patient and make the right one, But I hear you, They better do something big, ofcourse not involving harvey or wheeler
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