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  • 12/7/12
  • tomg1964
Matt Cerrone is a clown he has no idea what's going on he is all over
the map with the Mets plans for 2013.
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  • 12/7/12
  • Moses0507

So are all of the reports.

Sandy has multiple potential deals, impossible to know until Greinke signs.

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  • 12/7/12
  • sheadro
Well there are a lot of stories floating around and some may be true, some may serve an agenda and be half true, and some may be false. That's how the off season goes. All over the map? It seems pretty consistent. The Mets' top priority is a young big time hitter and they are willing to trade a quality pitcher to get it.
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  • 12/7/12
  • TheChosen1
Cerrone is the only one who has said it would take both Niese and Wheeler in a trade for Myers. Nobody else is saying anything like that.
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  • 12/7/12
  • hammr1952
cerrone is a ding-dong.
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  • 12/7/12
  • wildwin77
Metsblog only works when reporting confirmed news or opinions from other professionals. Trying to take any new "source" from metsblog on anything is a joke and shouldn't be done.
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  • 12/7/12
  • ManWithNoName
I honestly don't think Cerrone is very bright, and after that hiring frenzy they had last year of terrible, uninformed writers I had to stop visiting the blog altogether. I believe the other guys who have Mets SNY blogs are Flood, Berg (the taco bell guy), and Toby Hyde. Toby Hyde's the best out of all of them.
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