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    • Royals are dumb if they don't do Myers for Dickey
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  • 12/4/12
  • KB24NYM
Forget age, Dickey is the reigning Cy Young award winner under contract for $5 million next season, Meyers could become a nobody.

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  • 12/4/12
  • DFAB
Since they do have A LOT of young OF talent and need a top of the line starter, this is a trade I would think they would have to do.
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  • 12/4/12
  • nextyearm
It's really hard to trade guys that are as good as him. That's why we all want him.
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  • 12/4/12
  • nextyearm
He might be DECENT? i know prospects are all unknowns and can be bust, but don't kid yourself. He might be a SUPERSTAR, not DECENT.
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  • 12/4/12
  • nextyearm
Just re-read your post. I did, I apologize.
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  • 12/4/12
  • nvmets10
The thing is if, say, James Shields were to become available, it'd absolutely make sense for them to pass on Dickey.
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  • 12/4/12
  • metswonin69
I certainly wouldn't do the trade if I were the Royals.
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  • 12/4/12
  • dejavu1
that make no sense. you do realize by trying to stir up the pot you only make yourself look bad...
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  • 12/5/12
  • bobhamelin

KC fan here. hi all..

the Royals WANT Dickey. bad...but not Wil Myers bad..

as a poster said..would you trade Zack Wheeler (who could be a boom or bust himself) for Ellsbury now that Boston is setting up to trade him?

No I doubt it.

We are flush with prospects. Have a good OFer too in Cain.

Our pretty much thought of package would be Lorenzo Cain (OF), Aaron Crow (All-Star reliever), Christian Colon and likely a quality AA or AAA pitcher for say..Dickey and Valdespin (you guys have Murphy at 2nd and we are looking for 2nd basemen as well)..

That's not a bad return. 5 years of a fast and excellent defensive CF'er (go check his highlights) with some pop. a STRONG right hand reliever who can be brutal in the middle innings or even close (he stepped in as our closer when we yanked Soria as closer the season before last), Christian Colon (good hitting skills and a little pop but not much, playing SS but we planned to move him to 2nd at AAA unless we lock one up) and we have a plethora of young arms but a solid pen and working on a strong rotation.

Thoughts on that offer if it was out there? 2 pieces to toss in your 25 man right away and 2 on the cusp with projectability?

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  • 12/5/12
  • spydermet

"uhmm Would we trade Wheeler for someone like Jacoby Elsbury? "

Do you really see Ellsbury as equal value to Dickey? I see your point, but your comparison is way off. Dickey has much greater value; especially to a team that can win this year and next year. I would think that a window to sign Dickey would be part of the deal. Jacoby would be a 1 year rental with no compensation afterwards. Dickey will at least net a draft pick if he isn't signed to a multiyear contract.

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  • 12/5/12
  • spydermet

Cain only had 222 AB due to 3 injuries and is now considered a 4th outfielder.As for Colon, this is part of what MLB.COM said: " He doesn’t have wow tools, and it’s his feel for the game that should allow him to compete, but he didn’t seem as advanced in the Texas League." You even told us that Colon isn't much of a return "(you guys have Murphy at 2nd and we are looking for 2nd basemen as well).". Colon played 2nd base in the winter league. We have Tejada and Murphy and don't need Colon.

If not Myers, then it would take Starling or Odorizzi, Gordon, Crow or Peralta and perhaps Donnie Joseph. Anything less is not enough of a return. Even this might not be enough. I would rather keep Dickey than trade him for the average players you suggested.

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  • 12/5/12
  • bbjmparis
Yes, the Royals would be dumb if they didn't make that trade. We'd be dumb if we did. Dickey won the Cy Young. Myers is a prospect. Most prospects flop. End of story.
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  • 12/5/12
  • bobhamelin

"Yes, the Royals would be dumb if they didn't make that trade. We'd be dumb if we did. Dickey won the Cy Young. Myers is a prospect. Most prospects flop. End of story."

You are absolutely right..most prospects flop. but not all prospects are awarded both the USAToday Minor League Player of the Year AND the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year. Throw in the Topps Minor League Player of the Year and he is only the 3rd person to receive all 3, joining Andruw Jones and Josh Beckett.

So please, feel free to look over the lists below and tell us again how "dumb" we are to not make the trade. And moreso...look at the list and think how "dumb" your team would be if they did.

*shakes head* Would you have said that last year if Trout was being talked about and Dickey had won the Cy Young in 2011 instead of 2012?

Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year

1990 Frank Thomas First baseman AA Chicago White Sox
1991 Derek Bell Outfielder AAA Toronto Blue Jays
1992 Tim Salmon Outfielder AAA California Angels
1993 Manny Ramirez Outfielder AAA Cleveland Indians
1994 Derek Jeter Shortstop AAA New York Yankees
1995 Andruw Jones (1) Outfielder A Atlanta Braves
1996 Andruw Jones (2) Outfielder AAA Atlanta Braves
1997 Paul Konerko First baseman AAA Los Angeles Dodgers
1998 Eric Chavez Third baseman AAA Oakland Athletics
1999 Rick Ankiel Pitcher AAA St. Louis Cardinals
2000 Jon Rauch Pitcher AA Chicago White Sox
2001 Josh Beckett Pitcher AA Florida Marlins
2002 Rocco Baldelli Outfielder AAA Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2003 Joe Mauer Catcher AA Minnesota Twins
2004 Jeff Francis Pitcher AAA Colorado Rockies
2005 Delmon Young Outfielder AAA Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2006 Alex Gordon Third baseman AA Kansas City Royals
2007 Jay Bruce Outfielder AAA Cincinnati Reds
2008 Matt Wieters Catcher AA Baltimore Orioles
2009 Jason Heyward Outfielder AAA Atlanta Braves
2010 Jeremy Hellickson Pitcher AAA Tampa Bay Rays
2011 Mike Trout Outfielder AA Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2012 Wil Myers Outfielder AAA Kansas City Royals

USA Today Minor League Player of the Year

1990 Tino Martinez 1B Seattle Mariners
1991 Mark Wohlers RHP Atlanta Braves
1992 Carlos Delgado 1B Toronto Blue Jays
1993 Cliff Floyd OF Montreal Expos
1994 Billy Ashley OF Los Angeles Dodgers
1995 Andruw Jones (1) OF Atlanta Braves
1996 Andruw Jones (2) OF Atlanta Braves
1997 Ben Grieve OF Oakland Athletics
1998 Gabe Kapler OF Detroit Tigers
1999 Rick Ankiel LHP St. Louis Cardinals
2000 Josh Hamilton OF Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2001 Josh Beckett RHP Florida Marlins
2002 José Reyes SS New York Mets
2003 Prince Fielder 1B Milwaukee Brewers
2004 Jeff Francis LHP Colorado Rockies
2005 Francisco Liriano LHP Minnesota Twins
2006 Matt Garza RHP Minnesota Twins
2007 Justin Upton OF Arizona Diamondbacks
2008 David Price LHP Tampa Bay Rays
2009 Jason Heyward OF Atlanta Braves
2010 Jeremy Hellickson RHP Tampa Bay Rays
2011 Paul Goldschmidt 1B Arizona Diamondbacks
2012 Wil Myers OF Kansas City Royals

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  • 12/5/12
  • CHOOin2014

Wow. Thanks for this lists. It really puts how special Will Myers is.

Which, begs the question. Why in the world would you guys even entertain trading a talent like that??

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