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    • We need a new slogan
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  • 12/1/12
  • thebobymon

Like when Beltran came here and proclaimed the "new" Mets.

Any ideas?

~runs for cover~

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  • 12/1/12
  • metthunder

same ''old'' Mets but we signed Wright

no? well, then maybe they should sign Lannan and some other Nats or even Soto as catcher and then maybe they can trade Niese to Jays for Arrencibia catcher and Davis, maybe even SF's Wilson if he feels generous while he continues healing from Tommy John. And for go d's sake please trade Duda.

They have their new core, they should be able to sign Dickey, but make some moves to both shake up the team and improve the chemistry.

how about then ''if we get some guys, we can contend after the All Star game'', these guys are not that far away. But A team can't be run by a FO wearing handcuffs.

Thx for the soapbox.

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  • 12/1/12
  • Kranesback
I like the idea of a billboard with Wright taking one of his inept uppercut swings as the umpire punches him out and the caption "Get a whiff of the Mets"
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  • 12/1/12
  • JoseJose

Awesome! LOL

How about:

"Some of Our Guys are Good!"

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  • 12/1/12
  • cjct
The New York "we aren't rebuilding or competing" Mets
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  • 12/1/12
  • metthunder


''unless we get some other guys, it's 4th place or bust''

sarcasm is a wonderful thing

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  • 12/1/12
  • AdrianMonk

The 2012 Mets- Above the competitive fray.
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  • To:All
  • 12/1/12
  • metthunder
''You can't fix stupid''
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