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  • 4/13/12
  • govmule72

I'll probably get trashed for this, but here's mine...

1.Tom Seaver
2.D. Strawberry
3.Doc Gooden
4.Jerry Koosman
5.Keith Hernandez
6.Gary Carter
7.David Wright
8.Mookie Wilson
9.Ron Darling
10.H. Johnson
11.David Cone
12.E. Alfonzo
13.Cleon Jones
14.Mike Piazza
15.Carlos Beltran
16.Bud Harrelson
17.Jose Reyes
18.Tug McGraw
19.Al Leiter
20.John Franco

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  • 4/13/12
  • 4545_ajd
Piazza 14th?
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  • 4/13/12
  • govmule72
Ha ha I knew that one would stand out. Hard to explain.
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  • 4/13/12
  • ken-t
Where's Rusty Staub? An even though he was never very good where's Ed Kranepool?
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  • 4/13/12
  • fredhoss
I noticed that too, what about George Theodore?
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  • 4/13/12
  • DFAB
no oliver perez???????????????????? HORRIBLE list..
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  • 4/13/12
  • mysticpiazza
I'll take Staub or Kranepool any day over Franco.

Edited 4/13/12   by  mysticpiazza
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  • 4/13/12
  • texccandaj
The stork should be on the list...lol
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  • 4/13/12
  • govmule72

"I noticed that too, what about George Theodore?

Exactly, no Lee Mazzilli either!

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  • 4/13/12
  • jt28da
Tommie Agee??
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  • 4/13/12
  • HoneyBadger58

I like your list better then the sportscasters. Piazza ABOVE Seaver.

Um, no.

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  • 4/13/12
  • murphstates
Where's Olerud?
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  • 4/13/12
  • Mort2112
Forget Olerud. Where's Felix Millan?
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  • To:All
  • 4/13/12
  • HoneyBadger58

Your Rankings
1.Tom Seaver - The Franchise. Nuff said.
2.David Wright - The Face. Mr. Met. Don't like it? Deal.
3.Gary Carter - The Kid will ALWAYS be a cherished member of the family.
4.Keith Hernandez - Like Seaver, he came and taught us how to Believe.
5.Mike Piazza - Many put him higher, but respect must be paid to Mike. 9/21/11
6.Mookie Wilson - Always, ALWAYS see Mook flying down to first. He wears it well.
7.Jose Reyes - Always a great player, can't crack the top 6.
8.David Cone - Since Seaver, one of the the most dominant RHP ever when he was on.
9.Jerry Koosman - Always the bridesmaid to Seaver, a great pitcher in his own right.
10.Ron Darling - The Yalie knew how to pitch, and now is a great commentator.
11.Al Leiter - Bulldog. See 1999.
12.Carlos Beltran - Played well for us. Nobody, NOBODY could hit that curve.
13.Tug McGraw - Ya Gotta Believe.
14.E. Alfonzo - Great glove, great hitter, great Met.
15.Bud Harrelson - He also wore it well, and told Pete Rose a thing or two.
16.John Franco - Another Captain who gave us all premature alcoholism, but got the job done.
17.H. Johnson - Fearsome hitter, not so great hitting coach. Still a great guy and great Met.
18.Cleon Jones - Would we have The Miracle without him?
19.Doc Gooden - Low on the list for throwing his career away.
20.D. Strawberry - See above.

SportsNations Ratings
1.Mike Piazza
2.Tom Seaver
3.David Wright
4.Doc Gooden
5.D. Strawberry
6.Keith Hernandez
7.Gary Carter
8.John Franco
9.Jerry Koosman
10.Al Leiter
11.Jose Reyes
12.H. Johnson
13.Mookie Wilson
14.Cleon Jones
15.Ron Darling
16.Tug McGraw
17.David Cone
18.Carlos Beltran
19.E. Alfonzo
20.Bud Harrelson

Feel free to rip apart, but I like the list.

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  • 4/13/12
  • HoneyBadger58
Pulsipher and Wilson were not their own faults. Talk about TOTALLY misused.
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  • 4/13/12
  • Mort2112

"Come on Paul Wilson was given more than a chance. He was a starter for us for like two full years and his ERA was always over 6.00"

You're not very smart are you?

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