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  • 1/26/13
  • Gibbo71

So I am coming to a couple of games this year and was wondering what people recommend? I have visited Seattle before just once and was sitting done the 1st base side and had a pretty nice view. I will be by myself so guess I am also wondering what is a good area where it is pretty social and people general chat to those people around them?

Also what is a good part of Seattle to stay in?


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  • 1/26/13
  • urbanman

I've always considered the, "Where should I sit at a ball game?" question to be very individual.

Safeco is a quality modern yard, you'll get good views from nearly all seats. I've sat on the 1B line, the 3B line, overlooking LF, in the seats behind RF, I've always had a good view. If the roof is open, sitting in the upper deck on the 1B side will provide a pleasant view of DT.

I'd say sitting in the lower bowl - including behind RF - generally equals more avid fans, more chance of feeling like you're part of some energy.

Re: hotels, again, depends what you are looking for. Staying within walking distance of Safeco is pricey, I personally would say it is not at all worth it. There are places DT, north of Safeco (as in near the convention center), which are only a short bus ride away, that are much less expensive, and closer to interesting shopping/dining/sightseeing etc.

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  • 1/26/13
  • Gibbo71

Cheers for that, yes last time I decided to get close to the action and that was great but, you are right the energy wasn't has high or intense as maybe being with more avid fans. Coming from the other side of the world means I want to try and get the best back for the short time I am there.

Thanks again

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