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    • Brendan Ryan trade??
  • 1/18/13
  • FelixForever34
Sorry, but Detroit fans from what I have seem to over-value Boesch. Our Outfield is thin, but Boesch is not an upgrade for the Mariners over Wells and if we have to argue about the small details in difference, it means the trade would not really benefit the Mariners, except by weakening the SS spot.
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  • 1/18/13
  • damiencage

"Sorry, but Detroit fans from what I have seem to over-value Boesch."

Some do but most are pretty down on him. I wouldn't say I over-value him because he has shown to be inconsistent but aside from last season being a down year he has put up some pretty good power numbers with decent average. In Safeco field I would expect his power numbers to increase if he gets back to his old self. Honestly I think his biggest problem is he fell out of favor with Jim Leyland & refuses to listen to any coaches here, he could benefit from a change of scenery. If nothing else he could be a good platoon partner with Wells and I would do a Peralta/Boesch for Ryan deal any day as well.

More so than Boesch being overrated Ryan seems to be under-valued a lot by our fans. Personally I could care less what his offense brings, ( I'd be ecstatic if he hit .220 which he is more than capable of) His defense is off the charts.

Mariners had interest in Porcello, would it be more enticing if he were part of the deal. We'd almost certainly want a little more than Ryan for him because of Porcello being under control for longer. maybe something like Porcello/Peralta for Ryan/Furbush?

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  • 1/18/13
  • FelixForever34

Dont need Boesch, I would Rather go with Wells/Carp than Boesch....
Especially now you are saying he doesnt listen....Great....Wedge loves guys who dont listen too. Same Scenery, with just a different team name.

Boesch is Not an Upgrade for the Mariners outfield, I cant believe I am saying this...But I almost would Rather Have Raul Ibanez play in the OF than Boesch ....especially if it means giving Ryan away essentially for free. (joking of course....but people continually try to talk up how Boesch is gonna get better for sure.... Guys like Boesched get released all the time at the end of Spring Training....no need to trade for them....The Mariners have a couple we are gonna trade or DFA.

I wouldnt want Peralta ...he offers nothing for the Mariners that they dont already have the option for......we have several SS prospects who are the same guy with more upside and less salary. (average or less defense that can hit a bit)....
---I figure you probably offered Peralta because of thinking "they would need a ShortStop"... We are a young team, If we are gonna replace Ryan, its either gonna be an upgrade (which peralta is not) or go with a Younger player who is as good with more potential.

Porcello would be fine to talk about including in any deal (because in the short Term he would be better than the #5 Mariners starter...but Porcello would be replaced in 2014/2015 with better prospects).....but I personally wouldnt even Do Porcello/Furbush straightup (I know to you it seems onesided)...I would rather the Mariners take your chances and Convert Furbush back into a Starter....and with Being Left Handed....Furbush as a Starter would be a better option imo ..... (I know others will not agree).

Porcello is undervalued probably (put that bad of a defense behind him, and he at least survived)....but Furbush corrected something and isnt a HR liability anymore for some reason ....if he can do it regularly....Well, I would Take Furbush over Porcello personally (based on more gut feeling than anything...and LHP and Porcello needs more defensive help with no strikeouts)

The reason the Mariners are interested in Porcello, is because he can help the 2013 team be better as a #5 starter.....but if we make our team worse in another postion (Ryan and Furbush)...we would actually make the Mariners worse overall (and not having any chance of the deal getting better in the future)....So there needs to be other pieces that would make the Mariners better today Or prospects of quality to make the team better in the future.

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  • 1/28/13
  • dddtfan

I, for one, as a Tigers fan would let you have Boesch for the low, low cost of a bag of baseballs, and perhaps a spitoon.

Boesch did alright in year one, year two, he incurred a wrist injury in the late season that preserved the mediocre stats he had on the way to his annual autumn nosedive. Last year was terrible.

Word on the street is he is difficult to work with and doesn't listen to his coaches. Bust him high and tight and you got a groundout to second (with the occasional groundout to first mixed in) every time.

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  • To:All
  • 1/28/13
  • boutit
Boesch is garbage I d rather keep wells and carp
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  • 2/12/13
  • KingSolarte
You would rather have a shortstop who has very good defense and who was under the mendoza line in 2012 than a shortstop who doesn't have very good defense and who was not under the mendoza line in 2012?
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  • 2/12/13
  • FelixForever34
Would I want a bad defensive shortstop who hits .240 and 5 Hrs?
Nope, I dont smoke crack.
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  • 2/14/13
  • KingSolarte
I don't smoke crack either.
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  • 2/14/13
  • TontoRinaldi
why not? crack is whack
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  • 2/15/13
  • tripodus
ok, everybody who does not smoke crack, raise your eyelids just a hair.
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