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    • Giants questions and Padres pitchers in this series
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  • 5/14/10
  • ob3
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Man, I still can't believe that the Giants got swept again by the Padres. Ugh. I know it's way early in the season to probably talk about this, and I think think a lot of you guys have alluded to this already but, the Giants might need to make changes. Whether it be, bringing up Posey, putting DeRosa on the DL, or maybe even signing Jermaine Dye or possibly trade for Lance Berkman but, they might have to do something. Yeah, I know Jermaine Dye is old, past his prime, and would probably take away PT from a guy like Bowker but, the guy can still hit, and maybe the Giants could use his bat in this lineup. Yeah, he's going to be rusty and he had a terrible/horrific 2nd half of last season but, I don't want some team to sign Jermaine Dye for the stretch run, and then he ends up taking a team to the playoffs, if not deep into the playoffs, and us Giants fans end up kicking ourselves and being pi$$ed at the Giants FO for not signing him. I know Jermaine Dye is not the ideal bat for this lineup but, maybe the Giants should look into signing him at this point, especially if DeRosa ends up going on the DL and missing a lot of time. It's really hard to believe that Jermaine Dye is still available. His stock has really sunk. Also, I heard another reason why he isn't signed is because of his contract demands. It will be interesting to see who signs him, if anybody... As far as Berkman goes, I would like to see Berkman traded to the Giants as long as the Giants don't have to give up too much. Berkman is already in his early-mid 30's. If Berkman gets traded to the Giants, Huff could move to the OF. If Berkman is cool with playing the OF, Huff could stay at 1st base.

It just su cks how it seems like the Giants go through this every year, at least in recent years. They end up having a dry spell like they are right now, we think they will/should make changes, and they end up doing nothing. I heard that Bochy had a meeting with Muelens and I think another coach after yesterday's game. I really don't know if that is going to change things. Ugh. But yeah, the Giants might need to make some changes, before it's too late.

About the Padres, I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet but, wasn't it kind of clever of them to throw out three rookie pitchers in this series against the Giants? We all know that the Giants don't hit well against rookie pitchers. I'm not totally sure if LeBlanc and Richard are rookies though, but they are young pitchers. Chris Richard pitched last year but, he didn't pitch the whole year last season, did he? I remember LeBlanc made some starts for the Padres last year but, wasn't he mainly a bullpen guy for them last year and parts of '08? Latos is a good rookie pitcher though. I know it could be way too early to ask this but, could Latos possibly challenge rookies such as Jason Heyward for NL Rookie of the Year? Has a pitcher ever won Rookie of the Year for the NL or the AL? I still can't believe Latos 1-hit the Giants. It looks like Latos had a memorable trip to SF; first he broke the sunroof of Dave Flemming's car, and then he threw a gem yesterday against the Giants. Ugh. But yeah, it was really clever of the Padres to throw 3 rookie/young pitchers against the Giants. Did anyone else think this or feel this way?

Sorry for this long post

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Edited 5/14/10   by  ob3
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  • 5/14/10
If Latos only pitched against the Giants he would be MVP, CY and ROY.. that kid had to grow up a Dodger fan or something!
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