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    • All Time Giants Quotes, One-Liners, Slogans, and Chants
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  • 3/10/09

Hey what's up??

I am trying to compile a list of the most well known Giants quotes, slogans, chants, one-liners, anything! And I need your guy's help.

I'm looking for anything from...

distinctive announcer one-liners and sayings
chants at the stadium
player quotes

Basically anything unique to the Giants. Thanks a lot for your help! :)

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  • 3/10/09
"I hate the Dodgers." -- Bill Lasky
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  • 3/10/09
  • ob3
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"distinctive announcer one-liners and sayings"

I don't know if this is a saying, but Jon Miller had a funny quote after a start Barry Zito had against the Astros last season. At the end of the game Jon Miller said, "The nightmare of Barry Zito as a Giant, continues". Another quote was from the 2003 NLDS when the Giants played the Marlins and Jose Cruz Jr. dropped that fly ball. Ugh. On KNBR, Duane Kuiper was doing the play-by-play and Mike Krukow was doing the color commentary. When Cruz dropped the ball, on the radio, Krukow said, "unbelievable" in the background. I think Krukow expressed all of our frustrations on that dropped fly ball by Cruz in that one word. There's more but I guess I'll go with these two for now.

"chants at the stadium"

Well of course, one of the major chants are whenever the Giants play the Dodgers and the crowd chants "Beat L.A., Beat L.A.!". Another chant at AT&T Park is this chant that goes on in the LF bleachers. One person in the LF bleachers normally asks what's the matter with whoever the visiting left fielder is, and some of the crowd says "he's a bum". Let's use Luis Gonzalez for example.

-One person in the bleachers who starts the chant: "What's the matter with Gonzo"
-Some of the crowd in the LF bleachers: "He's a bum"

That's one of the funniest chants at AT&T Park. I wonder if the crowd at Candlestick ever did this chant, when the Giants played there.


I can't think of too many nicknames. When Moises Alou was with the Giants, some fans would chant "Aloooooouuu". When Jose Cruz Jr. was here, some fans would chant "Cruuuuuuuuuz". Jose Cruz Jr. gets booed at AT&T Park now. lol.

I hope all of this helps.

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  • 3/10/09
Take a Giant step and Go . . .
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  • 3/10/09
  • ob3
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Oh man, I forgot about that one. Damon Bruce plays this on his show.
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  • 3/11/09


No offense, but I am just trying to learn specific sayings and things that are unique to each team. I think it's pretty cool to hear all the different quotes and calls that are relevant to each team. There is a lot of history out there.

Plus I think people like to share these kinds of things, it brings back good memories. :)


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  • 3/13/09
hey what about Krukows signature saying "grab some pine meat"
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