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    • elway tebowed
  • To:All
  • 1/14/13
  • Number_4

Does anyone really like his cocky but as a GM?
he was the only one in denver complaining last year while
tebow was making headlines every week.

trade tebow get manning.
lose in the same round as last year...har.

i am laughing at him.
at least gods' qb won a playoff game.

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  • 1/15/13
  • KittenMittons
they lost in the same round but at least with tebow they won a game in the playoffs and had a huge positive story line. elway and fox are terrible for the broncos
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  • 1/15/13
  • illinidawg01

the Broncos made lots of headlines this year. they won like 7 straight games... Manning made two key mistakes in the playoff loss, but the Broncos secondary was awful the entire game. Manning might have been the best QB in the league this year... and there were a lot of guys that had great years. Tebow won on miracles and couldn't get on the field for a bad Jets team.


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  • 1/15/13
  • Number_4

Yet...he took the broncos JUST as far as manning did.
peyton also gave that game away with that pathetic Int.

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  • 1/15/13
  • Number_4

When did i ever say he was better?
i said elway was tebowed.

Put down your xbox an pay attention.
or your blow up doll

dont mess with gods qb.

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  • To:All
  • 1/15/13
  • Number_4

As bronco QBs ...playoff record.

tebow 1-1 ( threw winning 80 yard td.in o.t. win against nfl #1 defense in 11)
hall of famer peyton 0-1( threw across the field weak dumb interception.in o.t. to lose to huge underdog ravens)

this is an unexplainable rift in spacetime

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  • 1/15/13
  • Number_4

Tebow could stop tom brady either.

peyton fked up. end o story..he pulled a brett farve
tebows brother put the voodoo on him

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  • 1/16/13
  • Number_4

Your proving my point for me.

tebow..3rd string jets qb ..
cant throw a lic

how did last season even happen?
Please explain.

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  • 1/16/13
  • Number_4

Great defense..running game..eat up the clock
Is a very solid way ro win football games

Alabama has done it my entire life.

9-7 was not all tebow..he didnt start untill the team was like 1-5 already
know your facts

I personaly enjoyed the denver team last season
the falcons with vick
the giants
the steelers a few years back
2000 ravens

i loath the "new" nfl...pass happy no defense ball.
these playoff games are hideous
40-38 cr ap

lombardi is rolling around in his grave cussing

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  • 1/16/13
  • Number_4

The nfl is ruining a great.game with.their all out war on.defense.
stupid fkn rules out the ars limiting a defender to a bystander
people older than u remember the great game it used to be.

ronnie lott
jack lambert

True violence. man ball. not this sissy junk i see today

id like to see di ck butkus rip your head off

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  • 1/17/13
  • Number_4
R u playing with your barbie?
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  • 1/17/13
  • KittenMittons

well what are the guys on offense supposed to do? "you know what guys, this isnt like the traditional nfl. we should stop playing so well. hey RG3, stop being so athletic and throw some picks. Hey Ryan, stop throwing bombs to white and jones. it makes the defenses look bad."

maybe its a downtime for defenses....they just arent good enough to stop the high powered offenses.

<and i like peyton manning. im just a big tebow fan (and im atheist before someone accuses me of being a bible thumper). fox is a conservative dick and didnt allow tebow to do jack last year. they put him in situations to fail. its well known that elway stuck tebow in there so that he could say "i told you he sucked". then he went out and took them to the playoffs and won a game.

and rex ryan ruined tebows career. he didnt want tebow in the first place, woody johnson did. i hope he catches on somewhere and plays because the kid deserves a shot. i dont see why so many people root against him....

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  • 1/17/13
  • Number_4

I dont fault nfl offenses lol
it was the nfl rules commities that have year by year , taken
all the punch out of defenses.

the thing that makes me laugh are fans who think offenses just became great all of a sudden.

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