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    • OT Good dam music
  • 5/20/13
  • justin

Wizard, we lost a great one today to cancer.

RIP Ray Manzarek, 74. He was a founding member of the Doors along with poet Jim Morrison. Manzarek played the Vox Continental combo organ. Since the Doors lacked a bassist, he usually played the bass parts on a Fender Rhodes piano. The band's second single, "Light My Fire" brought them superstardom.

Their first single didn't immediately catch on, but is now considered a classic. Here is that first single. This version contains the uncensored lyrics, "She Gets High." To get it on the radio in the 60s, the line was shortened to "She Gets."

Break On Through - The Doors


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  • 5/22/13
  • Number_4

Yes we did
rip Ray

on the bright side, justin beaver still alive :)

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