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    • Bullpen: Who do you like?
  • 4/24/12
  • buffalo44
None of them.
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  • 4/24/12
  • Sultanoswing

I'd like this offense to give the BP more than 1 - 2 runs to work with. We've seen this story play out for 3 years. In 09 the offense was raking the ball to a point till it didn't matter as much untill the ALCS. You're right Saylo this team has become a retirement home there is no true home grown star talent on this team that can hit the ball.

Torii should walk next year along with Abreu giving us Trumbo and Trout in the OF. Wells was a huge mistake at his price that money could have bought a Star in his prime. I like having vets on the team but there are way too many here.

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  • 4/24/12
  • Angeleer
I like Crow, and KC has another one to watch, Tim Collins. Don't be fooled by Huston Street, he will be a product of Petco Park this season, and Balfour is a product of the Oakland Mausoleum.
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  • 4/24/12
  • Bozeman

A closer seems like the biggest need for the Angels.

If all your hitters get it going there will be plenty of fireworks but you still have to close the game.

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  • 4/24/12
  • vamac

I would take Santos (lived in La Puente) and Aaron Crow in a heartbeat!!!!

Get rid of Jepsen (no movement on fastball-cant throw secondary pitch enough for strikes).. and Takahashi (cant get people out), and get Walden out of closer's gig.


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  • 4/24/12
  • itsTrouttahere

None of those! I would like a healthy Cassevah and bring up Mills!

Takahashi needs to go! (he can't buy an out!)

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  • 4/24/12
  • Gone_Fishing
I like the Ranger bullpen. That's why they will run away with the Division again. Wonderkid Diputo somehow thought adding a 39 year old set up man would fix all the problems for the pen that was far from mediocre last year.
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Message 122365.9 was deleted
  • 4/24/12
  • Gone_Fishing
.......and the reason for that trust would be based on???????????????????
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Message 122365.11 was deleted
  • 4/24/12
  • Gone_Fishing
Yes he does.
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