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    • Joe West and his crew
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  • 8/9/09
  • nofxrocker
I've never seen such bad umpiring then in this series.
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  • 8/9/09
  • jumanji40
It's absolutely pathetic. And Bud Selig and pretty much everyone will do everything to protect these guys, while Vic probably is going to get suspended.
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  • 8/9/09
  • Eddie_2
I'm just hoping that Vic doesn't get fined or losses any time on the field, which I think he might.
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  • 8/9/09
  • reddublin

I gave up on the umpires years ago. It's beyond anger, it's beyond frustration. It's just PATHETIC.

There was an incident at the end of 06 when the Phils were fighting for a playoff spot and Utley hit a three run homer that was clearly fair and the umpire called it foul. At the time I was so worked up I wrote an e-mail to the umpire's association. It probably went straight to delete - there is just no accountability with the umpires.

None whatsoever.

Maybe if there is something good to come out of it it may spur the Phils to gear up and get going again - not for a day or two, but for the rest of the season.

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  • 8/9/09
  • section203

Umps s#$@.
But so did the phils this weekend.
Marlins were a much better team. They are put together more sound.

They do not survive by the long ball. Plus they do have power. They do not strikeout very much. Great pitching. Since the all-star break, whether we want to admit it or not they are the best team in the East. We are in trouble. As we go to Chicago.

Also Charlie came up weak, did not stand up for his players. The K of Howard and the Vic incident.

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  • 8/9/09
  • mikejack20
throwing a center fielder out of the game from behind the plate is one of the worse calls i've seen. he blows a call and then tosses a guy out. something needs to be done about these guys, they have way too much power. they are there to call the game, not change the outcome.
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  • 8/9/09
  • hesstruck1

"Umps s#$@.
But so did the phils this weekend."

Agree 100%

"whether we want to admit it or not they are the best team in the East. We are in trouble."

Disagree 100%

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  • 8/9/09
  • bball7733

Umps s#$@.
But so did the phils this weekend.
"Marlins were a much better team. They are put together more sound."

"They do not survive by the long ball. Plus they do have power. They do not strikeout very much. Great pitching. Since the all-star break, whether we want to admit it or not they are the best team in the East. We are in trouble."

This "best team in the east" you annoint, had just gotten swept by the worst team in baseball. Also ,on the very first series after the all star break they were swept by the phillies themselves. doesn't sound like to me thet're "put together more sound."

What an over-reactionist

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  • To:All
  • 8/9/09
  • spikescars
The Philllies are really flat right now. When they are like this, that is where the umpires take over. You are never going to get a close call. The Phillies have to dominate. This mess with Vic in centerfield is pathetic. Stop and think there could not have been any words exchanged. No bumping. Who's to say he was not stretching. It is hot and humid right now. I have followed the Phils for 57 years and this umpire stuff has been going on for years. The fans are rough on them, and they don't like that. They seem to have rabbit ears for everything but the game. Charlie has to get in their face more, so they get sick and tired of seeing him. Oh, throw in C. B. Buckner in that crew to. He can go also.
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  • 8/9/09
  • 64phails
Fifty seven years a fan I'm impressed! I thought I was the old grey beard with 45 years under my belt! But anyway getting back to Cowboy Joe West he is without a doubt the worst ump in the business today! When you look up the word SMUG in the dictionary there is a picture of Joe West underneath it.His whole game just drips with arrogance and disdain. He seems to take great pleasure in throwing his weight around (and believe you me thats no small feat) and trying to show up players whenever he gets the chance. For Joe the game seems to be about being the feature attraction and not just the umpire. Couldn't stand him from day one and never will!
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  • 8/9/09
  • BlueEyes84

You know I am still ticked off with that Umpire from today, Yes I know the offense hasn't been doing great lately.. but just think .. there was a possibility if the Ump would have made the right call and Howard walked, who knows, maybe Ibanez would've hit a grand slam or even just a base hit!

And that next inning would never have unraveled as it did.

I am PROUD Of Victorino. He stood up for his fellow teammate Ryan, and Ryan yeah sometimes gets mouthy at the plate when its a bad call but this time he deserved to say that. I am so irritated at Charlie right now, he didn't really defend Victorino at all.

Victorino seems like a cool and nice guy, but when he saw HIS pitcher throw the SAME pitch as the Marlins threw to Ryan and it was called a ball, he just had to let go of the steam and thats probably why he threw his arms up in the air.

Throwing someone out because of That?? IS FREAKING RIDICULOUS..

And yeah I think Shane was that ticked off he came charging in.. POOR BAKO though lol.. he tried to contain Vic but he pushed him to the side but Ryan got there to try to keep him from getting up in the Umps face..

All Vic was doing was letting off steam because a call was different for them as it was to the Marlins.. who else would not be upset about that?

He should've called the same pitch the same on both sides.. just imagine what that inning could've been if Howard was walked when actually he should've been.. did you guys want him to swing at that last pitch?

Anyways lol.. as the game went on after Vic got thrown out, I heard guys in the background booing the ump chanting VICTORINO VICTORINO, and then a bit later I heard someone moved their shoulder or something in the field and someone yelled are you going to throw him out too? LOL

And then there was a ball at Chase's feet, and he had 2 strikes on him and the Ump called it a ball but someone yelled are you calling that strike 3? LOL

But yeah I am furious with that Umpire, and I am ticked a little at Charlie for not even doing a better job at defending Vic. All Vic was doing was standing up for his team and I do not see anything wrong in that.

He was upset and have a right to be. JMO.

But anyways, just my thoughts on the whole situation.

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  • 8/9/09
  • cmonphils
I think based on some of the suspensions I've seen so far, he probably is looking at a 1-2 game suspension. Cameron, Bourne, Bradley, and a few others. I don't know if the league will take into consideration the ridiculousness of his ejection in the first place. The Union should have something to say about that.
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  • 8/9/09
  • section203

Oh it is not an over reaction. It is what it is.

They have a better record than us since the all star break. They now have power in Johnson. yes we added Lee, however they did not need to add starting pitching.

They got swept by the Nats because they made the mistake of youth and looked past them toward us. I hope they did not learn.

Believe me, I wish I was wrong.
But it is not an overreaction. It is what it is.

By the way for more of a concern, Utley, Ibanez, Victorino, all look to be playing hurt, whether they admit it or not, Ibanez and Victorino are limping bad. Everytime Utley slides or dives or stretches he winces.
Like I said I hope it does not last but it is not an over reaction.

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Message 81436.19 was deleted
  • 8/10/09
  • spikescars

I'm from the old school. In elementary I went to Penn School. I grew up in a veterans housing project after WW2. We were tough as nails, won the city Gray Y football championship without a coach. The rule was if you didn't block our captain Deanie Blosser would punch you in the mouth. Two years undefeated two championships.

All the old die hard Philly fans are still around but we grew up without the internet. I had to learn a lot or give up a real estate business. I survived. Did you notice that all the minor league stats are posted on the internet. Years ago you had to listen to Dizz and Pee Wee or memorize stats on baseball cards for info.

This thing with Joe West and Ed Rapuano is rediculous. During the rubarb fight in 1960 in Cincinnati, that lasted 12 minutes to break it up and the box score records do not show any ejections. They used to pound on Jocko Conlin back then and life went on. How can you be concerned with a centerfielder. No wonder the man can't get the balls and strikes right. I have to agree with you on the arrogance and it is not only Joe West. You can throw C. B. Buckner in there too. They all have rabbit ears. Philly fans are rough to deal with, but they are in the stands. 40,000+ fans in the stands hollering and the umpires hear a player say something from the dugout. Usually happens in Philly. Thanks for the nice comment to an old fan.

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