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    • McCourt reapproaches Beane, Gillick
  • 2/4/04
  • crzblue
<Did you get a big kick out of McCourt's "Everybody Loves Me" speeches. >

Yeah, I guess he was not at the Kings hockey game when it was announced last Thursday and everyone booed.

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  • 2/4/04
  • kennerbuggy
Duck -

The working title I had in mind was:


In the article you provided a link for, did you note the author's contention that if Jermaine Dye doesn't return to form, the A's may end up being very much like the Dodgers - all pitching, with no hitting.

Here's the quote: "But this isn't about Karros, or even Beane. It's about the A's threatening to turn into the new Dodgers -- all pitch, no hit -- without their transplanted right fielder and Oakland native."

Think about that - the Genius GM has been in place for 7 years, and his farm system is pretty much bare now except for two good prospects, one of which figures to be the A's starting SS this season, and his present team's failings are much like those that could cost the present Dodger GM his job.

Again - think about that. The A's in 04 may suffer from the same deficiencies as the Dodgers in 03, but their GM may replace the present Dodger GM - who would be replaced because of those deficiencies. So, all those "wonderfull" trades and one-sided deals over several years could end up getting Beane where Evans got in 2 years, but Evans now has the very deep farm, and a pink slip.

The A's "are" their wonderfull 3-man rotation, and Eric Chavez, while the Dodgers are a solid 5-man rotation & great BP, and Shawn Green. Them counting on Dye is not much different than us counting on Dreifort.

It's not so impressive without the spin.

Think about it.............name the A's hitters we would want, or their prospects we would drool over. Might Beane have lived off the full cabinet Alderson left behind? Might McCourt be snagging Beane just before the wheels come off in Oakland?


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  • 2/4/04
  • scareduck
This has attracted the attention of Stephen Smith over at Future Angels. While I don't want to search for a link just now, he's been saying that the A's constant trading from their farm system is making for a significant long-term mess that is going to start coming due sooner than most folks think. Grady Fuson, in particular, deserves more credit for the A's success than has been let on by Michael Lewis. Oakland has unraveled their farm system, and losing high ranking draft picks year after year takes its toll, as well.
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  • 2/5/04
  • bluemamma
I hear Steve Phillips is still looking for a GM job...
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  • 2/5/04
  • beefchopper
>I hear Steve Phillips is still looking for a GM job...

So is Kevin Malone...

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  • To:All
  • 2/5/04
  • avi gruen
Why the surprised look? Was anyone expecting anything different? We knew 6 months ago this was going to happen and here it is...Can you imagine if the Dodger GM search carrried on into the regular season with Dan Evans serving as the intermediate b*$@*!?? Do you know how embarrasing that is? No GM in the regular season. Well if anyone can pull that one if it will be FM.
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  • 2/8/04
  • labits
>>I hear Steve Phillips is still looking for a GM job...<<

Huuu..achk! thptt. thpt. pt.

[Coughs a few times, then sighs. Wipes mouth on sleeve.]

Well, you had to say it, didn't you? I mean Malone is so far out it doesn't connect. But the thought of Bowden is trumped by Philips. Arghh! I'd rather have Fred Claire, who is interested, than Philips or Bowden. However, I think I'd really rather have Fred Claire replace the so-called baseball expert writer at the Times.

Hopefully, the Dodgers get Evans, or someone else with a winning baseball approach and experience.

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